First Cape Town fabricator to specialise in the replacement of plastic radiator tanks with cost effective aluminium tanks and offer a lifetime gaurantee

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Silverton Radiators

Southern Africa’s Leading Engine Cooling Specialist

We specialize in passenger vehicles, bakkies, transport, agricultural and various off road, industrial and mining applications

Dedicated To Providing Solutions

Service In Excellence – Providing Our Customers with Peace of Mind Since 1949

Silverton Radiators has been in the engine cooling business for more than sixty years and if there is anybody who understands engine cooling then it is us. For fast, friendly and efficient service let the professionals help you. There are more than 120 Silverton Radiators dealers spread across Southern Africa so where-ever you are there is a Silverton Radiators dealer near you.

Specialist engine cooling systems advice

Whatever problems or questions you may have, your Silverton radiators outlet is your specialist.

Professional flushing of cooling systems

Good quality engine coolant contains various additives that will protect your system.

Radiator and intercooler refurbishment

The radiator core design is of paramount importance in the parts ability to do its job correctly.

Custom-made parts for customer requirements

Whatever your engine cooling needs may be, we have a wide variety of parts for you.

Sales of high quality replacement parts

We specialize in a large range of parts for engine cooling and (a/c), air-conditioning systems.

Specialized systems and component testing

We understand how a system works as well as performing various checks and tests.

Expert cooling system service and repairs

Understanding how different systems work is no easy task, unless your an expert like us.

Specialist air conditioning system services

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